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    quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2015



     1923 Anna Christie (não creditado)
     1918 Unfaithful (curta) (supervisor)
     1916 Riquesa maldita (The Dividend)
     1916 O trampolim (The Stepping Stone)
     1916 Peggy (idem)
     1915 Civilização
     1915 O covarde (The Coward)
     1915 The Toast of Death (curta)
     1915 The Pathway from the Past (curta)
     1915 Cálice da vida (The Cup of Life )
     1915 O sinal da rosa (The Alien)
     1915 Garra de Satã (The Devil)
     1915 A Confidence Game (curta)
     1914 One of the Discard (curta)
     1914 The Death Mask (curta)
     1914 Stacked Cards (curta)
     1914 The Hour of Reckoning (curta)
     1914 A Kentucky Romance (curta)
     1913 The Soul of the South (curta)
     1913 Days of '49 (curta)
     1913 In Love and War (curta)
     1913The Boomerang (curta)
     1913 A batalha (The Battle of Gettysburg)
     1913 A Child of War (curta)
     1913 The Drummer of the 8th (curta)
     1913 The Sea Dog (curta)
     1913 Bread Cast Upon the Waters (curta)
     1913 The Mosaic Law (curta)
     1913 A Shadow of the Past (curta)
     1912 A Mexican Tragedy (curta)
     1912 Liberdade (For Freedom of Cuba)
     1912 The Clod
     1912 Filho do Coronel (The Colonel's Son)
     1912 The Law of the West (curta)
     1912 The Prospector's Daughter (curta)
     1912 Blood Will Tell (curta)
     1912 A Double Reward (curta)
     1912 For the Cause (curta)
     1912 The Invaders (curta) (não creditado)
     1912 The Civilian (curta)
     1912 The Altar of Death (curta)
     1912 When Lee Surrenders (curta)
     1912 On Secret Service (curta)
     1912 The Colonel's Ward (curta)
     1912 O Filho do Sargento (The Sergeant's Boy)
     1912 The Penalty (curta)
     1912 The Frontier Child (curta)
     1912 For the Honor of the Tribe (curta)
     1912 A White Lie (curta)
     1912 The Reckoning (curta)
     1912 The Buffalo Hunt (curta)
     1912 The Other Girl (curta)
     1912 The Bugle Call (curta)
     1912 The Garrison Triangle (curta)
     1912 The Reformed Outlaw (curta)
     1912 The Gambler and the Girl (curta)
     1912 The Desert (curta)
     1912 The Last Resource (curta)
     1912 His Double Life (curta)
     1912 Snowball and His Pal (curta)
     1912 His Nemesis (curta)
     1912 The Colonel's Peril (curta)
     1912 His Message (curta)
     1912 His Punishment (curta)
     1912 A Soldier's Honor (curta)
     1912 The Outcast (curta)
     1912 The Lieutenant's Last Fight (curta)
     1912 The Post Telegrapher (curta)
     1912 Blazing the Trail (curta)
     1912 The Crisis (curta)
     1912 The Deserter (curta)
     1912 The Battle of the Red Men (curta)
     1912 The Heart of an Indian (curta)
     1912 War on the Plains (curta)
     1912 The Deputy's Sweetheart (curta)
     1912 The Tables Turned (curta)
     1912 The Wild West Circus (curta)
     1912Through the Flames (curta)
     1912 Broncho Bill's Love Affair (curta)
     1912 A Tenderfoot's Revenge (curta)
     1912 The Protection of the Cross (curta)
     1912 The Empty Water Keg (curta)
     1912 Love and Jealousy (curta)
     1912 The Kid and the Sleuth (curta)
     1912 The Ranch Girl's Love (curta)
     1912 The Sub-Chief's Choice (curta)
     1912 The Run on the Bank (curta)
     1912 The Honor of the Tribe (curta)
     1912 The Laugh on Dad (curta)
     1912 The Gambler's Heart (curta)
     1912 The Indian Maid's Elopement (curta)
     1912 The Trinity (curta)
     1912 Chinese Smugglers (curta)
     1911 A Dog's Tale
     1911 The Brand
     1911 Getting His Man (curta)
     1911The Portrait (curta)
     1911 Falsely Accused (curta)
     1911 An Indian Martyr (curta)
     1911 Cowgirls' Pranks (curta)
     1911 The Foreman's Courage (curta)
     1911 Bar Z's New Cook (curta)
     1911 Tony and the Stork (curta) (não creditado)
     1911 Uncle's Visit (curta)
     1911 The Winning of Wonega (curta)
     1911 His Dress Shirt (curta)
     1911 A Biting Business (curta)
     1911 The Aggressor (curta)
     1911 The Better Way (curta)
     1911 The Sentinel Asleep (curta)
     1911 Through the Air (curta)
     1911 'Tween Two Loves (curta)
     1911 By the House That Jack Built (curta)
     1911 Duty (curta)
     1911 The Toss of a Coin (curta)
     1911 Behind the Times (curta)
     1911 The Call of the Song (curta)
     1911 The Skating Bug (curta)
     1911 At a Quarter of Two (curta) (não creditado)
     1911 A Gasoline Engagement (curta)
     1911 For the Queen's Honor (curta)
     1911 In the Sultan's Garden (curta)
     1911 The Fortunes of War (curta)
     1911 Behind the Stockade (curta)
     1911 Back to the Soil (curta)
     1911 The Last Appeal (curta)
     1911 The Forged Dispatch (curta)
     1911 The Lighthouse Keeper (curta)
     1911 The Master and the Man (curta)
     1911For Her Brother's Sake (curta)
     1911 The Fair Dentist (curta)
     1911 Second Sight (curta)
     1911 As a Boy Dreams (curta) (não creditado)
     1911The Stampede (curta)
     1911 Across the Plains (curta)
     1911 Sweet Memories (curta)
     1911 The Penniless Prince (curta)
     1911 In Old Madrid (curta)
     1911 The Fisher-Maid (curta)
     1911 The Message in the Bottle (curta)
     1911 Tracked (curta) (não creditado)
     1911 A Manly Man (curta)
     1911 Artful Kate (curta)
     1911 The Convert (curta) (não creditado)
     1911 Her Darkest Hour (curta)
     1911 The Mirror (curta)
     1911 When the Cat's Away (curta)
     1911 At the Duke's Command (curta)
     1911 Maid or Man (curta)
     1911 The Dream (curta) (não creditado)
     1911 The Empty Shell (curta)
     1911 Their First Misunderstanding (curta)
     1910 Little Nell's Tobacco (curta)


     1914 The Gangsters and the Girl (curta)
     1911 Bar Z's New Cook (curta)
     1911 For Her Brother's Sake (curta) (não creditado)
     1911 Their First Misunderstanding (curta)
     1910 His New Lid (curta)
     1910 The Englishman and the Girl (curta)
     1909 The Cardinal's Conspiracy (curta)
     1909 King Lear (curta)
     1908 Richard III (curta)


     1915 Civilização
     1915 The Reward (curta)


     1919 Fino semblante (What Every Woman Learns - supervisor de maquiagem)


     1918 The Family Skeleton (história)
     1917 Cinzas da esperança (Ashes of Hope - história)
     1916 O desertor (The Deserter)
     1916  O último ato (The Last Act - cenários)
     1916 Bullets and Brown Eyes (cenários)
     1915 The Despoiler (roteiro, história)
     1915 Aloha Oe
     1915 O discípulo (The Disciple - roteiro , história)
     1915 O covarde (The Coward - roteiro, história)
     1915 Keno Bates, Liar (curta)
     1915 The Living Wage (curta) (história)
     1915 Knight of the Trail (curta)
     1915 Cash Parrish's Pal (curta)
     1915 The Ruse (curta)
     1915 The Hammer (curta) (cenários)
     1915 Tools of Providence (curta) (história)
     1915 The Reward (curta)
     1915 The Secret of Lost River (curta) (história)
     1915 The Conversion of Frosty Blake (curta) (história)
     1915 Bad Buck of Santa Ynez (curta)
     1915 Cálice da vida (The Cup of Life )
     1915 The Taking of Luke McVane (curta) (cenários) / (história)
     1915 Uma noite no palco (On the Night Stage - cenários)
     1915 The Roughneck (curta)
     1915 Garra de Satã (The Devil - cenários)
     1915 Winning Back (curta) (cenários)
     1915 The Cross of Fire (curta) (roteiro e história)
     1915 In the Land of the Otter (curta) (roteiro e história)
     1915 The Scourge of the Desert (curta)
     1915 A Confidence Game (curta) (cenários)
     1915 O emigrante (The Italian - história)
     1914 In the Sage Brush Country (curta) (cenários) / (história)
     1914 The Fortunes of War (curta) (cenários)
     1914 O pacto (The Bargain)
     1914 The Mills of the Gods (curta) (história)
     1914 The Worth of a Life (curta) (história)
     1914 The Word of His People (curta) (cenários)
     1914 Stacked Cards (curta) (história)
     1914 The Winning of Denise (curta) (história)
     1914 An Eleventh Hour Reformation (curta) (história)
     1914 The City (curta) (história)
     1914 A voz ao telefone (The Voice at the Telephone - cenários)
     1914 Ira dos deuses (The Wrath of the Gods)
     1914 In the Cow Country (curta) (cenários)
     1914 Out of the Night (curta) (história)
     1914 Shorty Escapes Marriage (curta) (cenários)
     1914 The Rightful Heir (curta) (cenários)
     1914 Wolves of the Underworld (curta) (história)
     1914 The Gringo (curta) (cenários)
     1914 Desert Gold (curta) (cenários)
     1914 O Mimi San (curta) (não creditado)
     1913 The Curse (curta) (história)
     1913 A batalha (The Battle of Gettysburg - roteiro)
     1912 The Army Surgeon (curta)
     1912 The Outcast (curta) (cenários)
     1912 The Deserter (curta)
     1912 The Battle of the Red Men (curta)
     1912 The Heart of an Indian (curta) (cenários)
     1912 War on the Plains (curta)
     1911 Bar Z's New Cook (curta)
     1911 For the Queen's Honor (curta)
     1911 The Fortunes of War (curta) (cenários)
     1911 The Forged Dispatch (curta)
     1911The Stampede (curta)
     1911 Across the Plains (curta)
     1911 Sweet Memories (curta)
     1911 The Mirror (curta)
     1910 Little Nell's Tobacco (curta)


     1925 Percival (Percy)
     1924 A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio (Documentario C.M.) (supervisor)
     1924 Os que Dançam (Those Who Dance - produtor executivo)
     1924 Maridos Extraviados (Wandering Husbands - produtor,não creditado)
     1923 Anna Christie (Idem - produtor executivo)
     1923 Alma da fera (Soul of the Beast)
     1922 O Hottentot (Idem)
     1922 Lorna Doone (Idem -produtor, não creditado)
     1921 Respeitem as mulheres (Hail the Woman)
     1921 O pirata (The Cup of Life)
     1921 Sino de Bronze (The Bronze Bell - produtor, não creditado)
     1921 Mãe adorada (Mother o' Mine - supervisor)
     1921 The Home Stretch
     1921 Beau Revel (Idem - produtor , não creditado)
     1921 Chickens (supervisor)
     1921 Lábios que mentem (Lying Lips)
     1920 Silk Hosiery
     1920 The Rookie's Return
     1920 Decepção / Um garoto das antigas (An Old Fashioned Boy - supervisor)
     1920 Mulher fera (The Leopard Woman)
     1920 Homespun Folks
     1920 Hairpins
     1920 Brincando com fogo (Let's Be Fashionable)
     1920 Preto é branco (Black Is White)
     1920 Mary's Ankle
     1919 Por trás da porta (Behind the Door)
     1919 Americanismos (Dangerous Hours)
     1919 Vinte e Três e Meia Horas de Licença (23 1/2 Hours' Leave")
     1919 O triunfo (The Egg Crate Wallop)
     1919 Stepping Out
     1919 The Market of Souls
     1919 A caravana (Wagon Tracks)
     1919 Hay Foot, Straw Foot
     1919 The Haunted Bedroom
     1919 O campeão (The Busher - produtor, não creditado)
     1919 Acusados (The Lady of Red Butte - produtor executivo)
     1919 Senhorita Marbury (The Homebreaker)
     1919 Do sangue do Xerife (The Sheriff's Son - produtor executivo)
     1919 The Poppy Girl's Husband (supervisor)
     1919 Hard Boiled
     1918 Fresh Faces
     1918 Staking His Life
     1918 Leão das montanhas (The Lion of the Hills)
     1918 Patrulha da meia-noite (The Midnight Patrol)
     1918 String Beans
     1918 Branding Broadway
     1918 Fuss and Feathers
     1918 When Do We Eat?
     1918 Vingador (The Border Wireless)
     1918 Riddle Gawne
     1918 A Nine O'Clock Town
     1918 The Vamp
     1918 A sombra do cara (The Kaiser's Shadow)
     1918 O trapaceiro (Shark Monroe)
     1918 Amante de Marcella (The Mating of Marcella - supervisor)
     1918 Selfish Yates
     1918 Homem tigre (The Tiger Man)
     1918 The Marriage Bubble (curta)
     1918 Unfaithful (curta)
     1918 Free and Equal
     1918 'Blue Blazes' Rawden
     1917  Vestido do destino (The Gown of Destiny - produtor, não creditado)
     1917  A trilha estreita (The Narrow Trail)
     1917 A culpa (Those Who Pay)
     1917 O filho (The Son of His Father)
     1917 Sudden Jim
     1917 Atração de circo (The Sawdust Ring)
     1917 Silver Jim Farrel (Time Locks and Diamonds)
     1917 O ídolo do Alasca (The Flame of the Yukon)
     1917 Uma fortuna para Bawbs (Bawbs o' the Blue Ridge)
     1917 O vagabundo milionário (The Millionaire Vagrant)
     1917 Vingança de Jim (Wolf Lowry)
     1917 O rebatedor (The Pinch Hitter)
     1917 O ultimo que restou (The Last of the Ingrams)
     1917 Apóstolo moderno (Truthful Tulliver)
     1917 Sexo frágil (The Weaker Sex)
     1916 Vampira (The Female of the Species)
     1916 Os três (Three of Many)
     1916 O defensor (The Sin Ye Do)
     1916 Apostando almas (A Gamble in Souls)
     1916 The Criminal (idem)
     1916 The Devil's Double (curta)
     1916 The Honorable Algy (idem)
     1916 Sangue dos Grimsby (Jim Grimsby's Boy)
     1916 Os 4 irlandeses (A Corner in Colleens)
     1916 Em algum lugar da França (Somewhere in France)
     1916 O príncipe vagabundo (The Vagabond Prince)
     1916 O retorno de Drag Egan (The Return of Draw Egan)
     1916 Pequena serva (Plain Jane)
     1916 O selvagem (The Jungle Child)
     1916 O criador do amanhã (The Dawn Maker)
     1916 Tormenta de amor (The Wolf Woman)
     1916 O puro sangue (The Thoroughbred)
     1916 O patriota (The Patriot)
     1916 Tenente Danny (Lieutenant Danny, U.S.A.)
     1916 Shell 43 (idem)
     1916 Honre nosso nome (Honor Thy Name)
     1916 Home
     1916 O pagamento (The Payment)
     1916 O Deus cativo (The Captive God)
     1916 Olhos da noite (Eye of the Night)
     1916 O desertor (The Deserter)
     1916 Phantom Farrell (The Phantom)
     1916 O apóstolo da vingança (The Apostle of Vengeance)
     1916 Riqueza maldita (The Dividend)
     1916 Dores de amor (The Sorrows of Love)
     1916 The Market of Vain Desire
     1916 The Primal Lure
     1916 Willie's Wobbly Ways (curta)
     1916 Not My Sister
     1916 The No-Good Guy
     1916 O mendigo de Cawnpore (The Beggar of Cawnpore)
     1916 O clarim (The Bugle Call)
     1916 Estrela perversa (Civilization's Child)
     1916 O trampolim (The Stepping Stone)
     1916 Ódio (The Aryan)
     1916 The Waifs
     1916 Às portas do inferno (Hell's Hinges)
     1916 The Moral Fabric
     1916 O ultimo ato (The Last Act)
     1916 Os Haldeman (The Raiders)
     1916 Bullets and Brown Eyes
     1916 O altar da honra (Honor's Altar)
     1916 Os 3 mosqueteiros (The Three Musketeers)
     1916 O pântano (The Green Swamp)
     1916 O conquistador (The Conqueror)
     1916 The Corner
     1916 Peggy
     1915 Civilização
     1915 O ídolo alado (The Winged Idol)
     1915 The Despoiler
     1915 Aloha Oe (idem)
     1915 The Beckoning Flame (curta)
     1915 The Forbidden Adventure (curta)
     1915 Os lobos (Between Men)
     1915 Matrimony (curta)
     1915 O discípulo (The Disciple)
     1915 O covarde (The Coward)
     1915 Volta do parafuso (The Iron Strain)
     1915 Never Again (curta)
     1915 O lobista (The Man from Oregon)
     1915 Shorty's Ranch (curta)
     1915 Keno Bates, Liar (curta)
     1915 The Living Wage (curta)
     1915 Pinto Ben (curta)
     1915 Knight of the Trail (curta)
     1915 The Lighthouse Keeper's Son (curta)
     1915 The Girl from the East (curta)
     1915 Over Secret Wires (curta)
     1915 The $100,000 Bill (curta)
     1915 Shorty Inherits a Harem (curta)
     1915 The Heart of Jabez Flint (curta)
     1915 The Promoter (curta)
     1915 The Golden Trail (curta)
     1915 When the Tide Came In (curta)
     1915 When Love Leads (curta)
     1915 The Phantom Extra (curta)
     1915 The Play of the Season (curta)
     1915 The Man Who Went Out (curta)
     1915 Cash Parrish's Pal (curta)
     1915 The Tide of Fortune (curta)
     1915 The Burglar's Baby (curta)
     1915 The Ruse (curta)
     1915 The Hammer (curta)
     1915 The Ace of Hearts (curta)
     1915 Tools of Providence (curta)
     1915 His Mother's Portrait (curta)
     1915The Failure (curta)
     1915 The Sea Ghost (curta)
     1915 The Floating Death (curta)
     1915 Hearts and Swords (curta)
     1915 The Reward (curta)
     1915 The Shadowgraph Message (curta)
     1915 The Secret of Lost River (curta)
     1915 The Soul of Phyra (curta)
     1915 His Superficial Wife (curta)
     1915 The Pathway from the Past (curta)
     1915 The Strike at Centipede Mine (curta)
     1915 The Tavern Keeper's Son (curta)
     1915 A Piece of Amber (curta)
     1915 The Scales of Justice (curta)
     1915 The Conversion of Frosty Blake (curta)
     1915 O caçador do Alasca (The Darkening Trail)
     1915 Her Easter Hat (curta)
     1915 Hostage of the North (curta)
     1915 Shorty's Troubled Sleep (curta)
     1915 Bad Buck of Santa Ynez (curta)
     1915 Her Alibi (curta)
     1915 The Operator at Big Sandy (curta)
     1915 The Human Octopus (curta)
     1915 The Shoal Light (curta)
     1915 The Affiancéd Wife (curta)
     1915 Rumpelstiltskin (idem)
     1915 The Kite (curta)
     1915 The Man from Nowhere (curta)
     1915 The Spark from the Embers (curta)
     1915 The Valley of Hate (curta)
     1915 The Power of the Street (curta)
     1915 The Renegade (curta)
     1915 O Cálice da vida (The Cup of Life)
     1915 The Riddle of the Wooden Leg (curta)
     1915 The Artist's Model (curta)
     1915 The Disillusionment of Jane (curta)
     1915 The Taking of Luke McVane (curta)
     1915 Uma noite no palco (On the Night Stage)
     1915 The Sons of Toil (curta)
     1915 Shorty Turns Actor (curta)
     1915 O sinal da rosa (The Alien)
     1915 The Roughneck (curta)
     1915 The Winged Messenger (curta)
     1915 Molly of the Mountains (curta)
     1915 The Spirit of the Bell (curta)
     1915 Garra de satã (The Devil)
     1915 The Fakir (curta)
     1915 Shorty Among the Cannibals (curta)
     1915 His Brother's Keeper (curta)
     1915 Tricked (curta)
     1915 In the Switch Tower (curta)
     1915 The Phantom of the Hearth (curta)
     1915 The Mill by the Zuyder Zee (curta)
     1915 A Case of Poison (curta)
     1915 The Girl Who Might Have Been (curta)
     1915 Satan McAllister's Heir (curta)
     1915 The Wells of Paradise (curta)
     1915 On the High Seas (curta)
     1915 In the Warden's Garden (curta)
     1915 Winning Back (curta)
     1915 The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow (curta)
     1915 The Man at the Key (curta)
     1915 The Grudge (curta)
     1915 Mr. 'Silent' Haskins (curta)
     1915 The Secret of the Dead (curta)
     1915 Shorty's Secret (curta)
     1915 In the Tennessee Hills (curta)
     1915 The Bride of Guadaloupe (curta)
     1915 Shorty's Adventures in the City (curta)
     1915 The Chinatown Mystery (curta)
     1915 College Days (curta)
     1915 A Modern Noble (curta)
     1915 The Customary Wife (curta)
     1915 The Bottomless Pit (curta)
     1915 The Famine (curta)
     1915 Through the Murk (curta)
     1915 The Gun Fighter (curta)
     1915 Sergeant Jim's Horse (curta)
     1915 The Man Who Died (curta)
     1915 The Still on Sunset Mountain (curta)
     1915 A Lucky Blowout (curta)
     1915 The Cross of Fire (curta)
     1915 In the Land of the Otter (curta)
     1915 Mother Hulda (curta)
     1915 A Midas of the Desert (curta)
     1915 The Scrub (curta)
     1915 The Scourge of the Desert (curta)
     1915 The Deadly Spark (curta)
     1915 Emigrante (The Italian)
     1914 A Flower in the Desert (curta)
     1914 The Face on the Ceiling (curta)
     1914 In the Sage Brush Country (curta)
     1914 The Last of the Line (curta)
     1914 Two-Gun Hicks (curta)
     1914 A Game of Life (curta)
     1914 A Political Feud (curta)
     1914 The Fortunes of War (curta)
     1914 Not of the Flock (curta)
     1914 The Panther (curta)
     1914 The City of Darkness (curta)
     1914 Mother of the Shadows (curta) (produtor associado)
     1914 O pacto (The Bargain)
     1914 The Vigil (curta)
     1914 A Romance of Old Holland (curta)
     1914 A Crook's Sweetheart (curta)
     1914 The Mills of the Gods (curta)
     1914 The Cross in the Desert (curta)
     1914 The Master of the House (curta)
     1914 Nipped (curta)
     1914 Shorty Falls Into a Title (curta)
     1914 The Hateful God (curta)
     1914 The Friend (curta)
     1914 Destiny's Night (curta)
     1914 In the Clutches of the Gangsters (curta)
     1914 In Old Italy (curta)
     1914 The Desperado (curta)
     1914 The Worth of a Life (curta)
     1914 Eric the Red's Wooing (curta)
     1914 The Golden Goose (curta)
     1914 The Spark Eternal (curta)
     1914 The Power of the Angelus (curta)
     1914 Shorty and Sherlock Holmes (curta)
     1914 The Word of His People (curta)
     1914 Jimmy (curta)
     1914 The End of the Galley (curta)
     1914 O tufão (The Typhoon)
     1914 The Sheriff of Muscatine (curta)
     1914 The Whiskey Runners (curta)
     1914 The Boss of the 8th (curta)
     1914 One of the Discard (curta)
     1914 The Game Keeper's Daughter (curta)
     1914 The Right to Die (curta)
     1914 The Death Mask (curta)
     1914 Test of Flame (curta)
     1914 Parson Larkin's Wife (curta)
     1914 No-Account Smith's Baby (curta)
     1914 A Tragedy of the North Woods (curta)
     1914 A Tale of the Northwest Mounted (curta)
     1914 The Silver Candlesticks (curta)
     1914 Mildred's Doll (curta)
     1914 The Cruise of the Molly Ann (curta)
     1914 Stacked Cards (curta)
     1914 The Silver Bell (curta)
     1914 When America Was Young (curta)
     1914 The Old Love's Best (curta)
     1914 The Village 'Neath the Sea (curta)
     1914 The Sheriff's Sister (curta)
     1914 The Winning of Denise (curta)
     1914 The Defaulter (curta)
     1914 The Robbery at Pine River (curta)
     1914 The Stigma; or, The Brand of Shame (curta)
     1914 A Romance of the Sawdust Ring (curta)
     1914 Shorty and the Fortune Teller (curta)
     1914 The Gangsters and the Girl (curta)
     1914 The Thunderbolt (curta)
     1914 Jim Regan's Last Raid (curta)
     1914 An Eleventh Hour Reformation (curta)
     1914 The Curse of Caste (curta)
     1914 The Long Feud (curta)
     1914 The Sheriff of Bisbee (curta)
     1914 Jim Cameron's Wife (curta)
     1914 Shorty and the Aridville Terror (curta)
     1914 The City (curta)
     1914 Star of the North (curta)
     1914 Shorty Turns Judge (curta)
     1914 The Feud at Beaver Creek (curta)
     1914 The Curse of Humanity (curta)
     1914 The Final Reckoning (curta)
     1914 The Heart of a Crook (curta)
     1914 His Hour of Manhood (curta)
     1914 Shorty Gets Into Trouble (curta)
     1914 A Frontier Mother (curta)
     1914 Desert Thieves (curta)
     1914 A voz ao telephone (The Voice at the Telephone)
     1914 In the Southern Hills (curta)
     1914 The Hour of Reckoning (curta)
     1914 From Out of the Dregs (curta)
     1914 A Relic of Old Japan (curta)
     1914 A Tragedy of the Orient (curta)
     1914 Ira dos Deuses (The Wrath of the Gods)
     1914 Tennessee (curta)
     1914 The Latent Spark (curta)
     1914 Shorty's Trip to Mexico (curta)
     1914 The Embezzler (curta)
     1914 The Ambassador's Envoy (curta)
     1914 The Wharf Rats (curta)
     1914 The Social Ghost (curta)
     1914 The Fires of Ambition (curta)
     1914 Breed o' the North (curta)
     1914 Shorty's Strategy (curta)
     1914 In the Cow Country (curta)
     1914 The Forest Vampires (curta)
     1914 The Substitute (curta)
     1914 The Card Sharps (curta)
     1914 Love's Sacrifice (curta)
     1914 Out of the Night (curta)
     1914 Shorty Escapes Marriage (curta)
     1914 The Rightful Heir (curta)
     1914 A Common Mistake (curta)
     1914 The Silent Witness (curta)
     1914 Love vs Duty (curta)
     1914 Thieves (curta)
     1914 Captain Junior (curta)
     1914 The Geisha (curta)
     1914 The Colonel's Orderly (curta)
     1914 Shorty's Sacrifice (curta)
     1914 The Squire's Son (curta)
     1914 Freckles (curta)
     1914 Wolves of the Underworld (curta)
     1914 The Gringo (curta)
     1914 In the Days of the Padres (curta)
     1914 The Relic (curta)
     1914 The Silent Messenger (curta)
     1914 The Trap (curta)
     1914 The Bells of Austi (curta)
     1914 The Adventures of Shorty (curta)
     1914 Desert Gold (curta)
     1914 A Barrier Royal (curta)
     1914 The Path of Genius (curta)
     1914 For the Wearing of the Green (curta)
     1914 Mario (curta)
     1914 North of 53 (curta)
     1914 The Courtship of O San (curta)
     1914 Repaid (curta)
     1914 The Raiders (curta)
     1914 The Play's the Thing (curta)
     1914 Yellow Flame (curta)
     1914 The Arrow Maker's Daughter (curta)
     1914 The Mystery Lady (curta)
     1914 A Romance of the Sea (curta)
     1914 The Colonel's Adopted Daughter (curta)
     1914 The Secret Lode (curta)
     1914 O Mimi San (curta)
     1914 A New England Idyl (curta)
     1914 Divorce (curta)
     1914 Heart of a Woman (curta)
     1914 Romance of Sunshine Alley (curta)
     1914 For Her Brother's Sake (curta)
     1914 A Kentucky Romance (curta)
     1914 The Informer (curta)
     1914 Conscience (curta)
     1914 The Circle of Fate (curta)
     1914 The Primitive Call (curta)
     1914 The Cure (curta)
     1914 Narcotic Spectre (curta)
     1914 Harp of Tara (curta)
     1914 A Military Judas (curta)
     1914 Prince (curta)
     1914 True Irish Hearts (curta)
     1913 The Woman (curta)
     1913 The Harvest of Sin (curta)
     1913 Eileen of Erin (curta)
     1913 Her Father's história (curta)
     1913 The Pitfall (curta)
     1913 The Curse (curta)
     1913 The Open Door (curta)
     1913 The Soul of the South (curta)
     1913 Devotion (curta)
     1913 The Frame-Up (curta)
     1913 Her Legacy (curta)
     1913 The Long Portage (curta)
     1913 The Buried Past (curta)
     1913 The Filly (curta)
     1913 The Sign of the Snake (curta)
     1913 The Belle of Yorktown (curta)
     1913 The Reformation (curta)
     1913 The Maelstrom (curta)
     1913 Days of '49 (curta)
     1913 The Witch of Salem (curta)
     1913 The War Correspondent (curta)
     1913 The Claim Jumper (curta)
     1913 The Efficacy of Prayer (curta)
     1913 The Ghost (curta)
     1913 The Impostor (curta)
     1913 For Mother's Sake (curta)
     1913 An Indian's Honor (curta)
     1913 The Judgment (curta)
     1913 The Veteran (curta)
     1913 Borrowed Gold (curta)
     1913 Widow Maloney's Faith (curta)
     1913 From Out the Storm (curta)
     1913 A Woman's Wit (curta)
     1913 The Heart of Kathleen (curta)
     1913 The Black Sheep (curta)
     1913 Venetian Romance (curta)
     1913 Romance of Erin (curta)
     1913 The Reaping (curta)
     1913 The Bully (curta)
     1913 The Revelation (curta)
     1913 God of Chance (curta)
     1913 The Forgotten Melody (curta)
     1913 Loaded Dice (curta)
     1913 Exoneration (curta)
     1913 The Greenhorn (curta)
     1913 The Forlorn Hope (curta)
     1913 A Highland Romance (curta)
     1913 Silent Heroes (curta)
     1913 A Cow-Town Reformation (curta)
     1913 The Land of Dead Things (curta)
     1913 The Waif (curta)
     1913 The Judge's Son (curta)
     1913 The Bondsman (curta)
     1913 May and December (curta)
     1913 The Ironmaster (curta)
     1913 The Gambler's Pal (curta)
     1913 The Broken Thread (curta)
     1913 The Green Shadow (curta)
     1913 The Madcap (curta)
     1913 An Orphan of War (curta)
     1913 The Heritage of Eve (curta)
     1913 The Flame in the Ashes (curta)
     1913 The Quakeress (curta)
     1913 The House of Bondage (curta)
     1913 Banzai (curta)
     1913 A Wartime Mother's Sacrifice (curta)
     1913 Flotsam (curta)
     1913 Granddad (curta)
     1913 The Red Mask (curta)
     1913 Heart Throbs (curta)
     1913 Old Mammy's Secret Code (curta)
     1913 The Banshee (curta)
     1913 The Crimson Stain (curta)
     1913 All Rivers Meet at Sea (curta)
     1913 The Seal of Silence (curta)
     1913 The Transgressor (curta)
     1913 The Failure of Success (curta)
     1913 From the Shadows (curta)
     1913 In Love and War (curta)
     1913 The Boomerang (curta)
     1913 An Indian's Gratitude (curta)
     1913 A True Believer (curta)
     1913 Joe Hibbard's Claim (curta)
     1913 A Dixie Mother (curta)
     1913 A batalha (The Battle of Gettysburg - produtor executivo)
     1913 A Child of War (curta)
     1913 The Drummer of the 8th (curta)
     1913 The Miser (curta)
     1913 The Sea Dog (curta)
     1913 For Love of the Flag (curta)
     1913 A Slave's Devotion (curta)
     1913 Past Redemption (curta)
     1913 The Way of a Mother (curta)
     1913 A Black Conspiracy (curta)
     1913 Bread Cast Upon the Waters (curta)
     1913 Will o' the Wisp (curta)
     1913 Retrogression (curta)
     1913 The Runaways (curta)
     1913 A Southern Cinderella (curta)
     1913 On Fortune's Wheel (curta)
     1913 The Grey Sentinel (curta)
     1913 With Lee in Virginia (curta)
     1913 The Sinews of War (curta)
     1913 Texas Kelly at Bay (curta)
     1913 The Iconoclast (curta)
     1913 A Frontier Wife (curta)
     1913 The Pride of the South (curta)
     1913 The Sins of the Father (curta)
     1913 The Sergeant's Secret (curta)
     1913 The Lost Dispatch (curta)
     1913 The Barrier (curta)
     1913 The Telltale Hatband (curta)
     1913 Lure of the Violin (curta)
     1913 The Counterfeiter (curta)
     1913 The Sharpshooter (curta)
     1913 Smiling Dan (curta)
     1913 The Wheels of Destiny (curta)
     1913 The Favorite Son (curta)
     1913 When Life Fades (curta)
     1913 When Lincoln Paid (curta)
     1913 The Struggle (curta)
     1913 The Mosaic Law (curta)
     1913 A Shadow of the Past (curta)
     1913 The Little Turncoat (curta)
     1913 A Bluegrass Romance (curta)
     1913 The Paymaster's Son (curta)
     1913 In the Ranks (curta)
     1913 The Great Sacrifice (curta)
     1913 The Burning Brand (curta)
     1912 The Law of the West (curta)
     1912 The Prospector's Daughter (curta)
     1912 The Dead Pay (curta)
     1912 His Sense of Duty (curta)
     1912 Blood Will Tell (curta)
     1912 A Double Reward (curta)
     1912 For the Cause (curta)
     1912 His Squaw (curta)
     1912 The Invaders (curta)
     1912 The Ball Player and the Bandit (curta)
     1912 The Army Surgeon (curta)
     1912 The Civilian (curta)
     1912 The Altar of Death (curta)
     1912 Mary of the Mines (curta)
     1912 When Lee Surrenders (curta)
     1912 The Man They Scorned (curta)
     1912 On Secret Service (curta)
     1912 How Shorty Kept His Word (curta)
     1912 The history of the Savage Modoc Mine (curta)
     1912 The Sheriff's Adopted Child (curta)
     1912 An Indian Legend (curta)
     1912 Custer's Last Fight (curta)
     1912 For the Honor of the Seventh (curta)
     1912 On the Firing Line (curta)
     1912 His Better Self (curta)
     1912 The Hidden Trail (curta)
     1912 The Doctor's Double (curta)
     1912 Sundered Ties (curta)
     1912 The Penalty (curta)
     1912 The Fugitive (curta)
     1912 An Old Tune (curta)
     1912 The Bandit's Gratitude (curta)
     1912 The Reckoning (curta)
     1912 On the Warpath (curta)
     1912 The Heart of an Indian (curta)
     1911 Bar Z's New Cook (curta)
     1911 The Lover's Signal (curta)
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