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    Porque Armand Mastroianni ?

    Começando pelo sobre nome famoso (que nada tem a ver com Marcelo) este diretor norte americano é conhecido por dirigir episódios de séries de tv e filmes para a telinha. Fez muitos aliás. Mas ele é mais conhecido por um dos bons filmes de horror do anos 80 "O armário do diabo" e "Dupla Vingança" um bom filme policial da época do VHS (lembro que meu pai vibrou quando viu...). Aliás, lembro até hoje dos trailers dos dois filmes.

    Conversei com o diretor no dia do aniversário de sua mãe, fazendo 99 anos exatamente no dia da entrevista, e vendendo saúde.

    Simpático e disposto a dar respostas longas, ele escreveu tanto que não traduzi. Mas quem não sacar inglês, joga no tradutor, ou aguardem futuramente, quando ela será traduzida.

    Vamos a elas:

    1 - How did you begin working at the movies industry?

    A.M.: I started when I was in grade school making super eight films.  I use friends from the neighborhood to act in them I would write produce and direct short films and then show them to my friends and the neighborhood. I continue doing this through high school and college some of the films that I made in college and some won awards in festivals.  Then I wrote a screenplay with a friend and sold it to a production company. I never went to film school I loved making movies from when I was very young. I got the opportunity to make my first film from a friend who was a line producer looking to make a low-budget  horror films.   I came up with an idea for a film and eventually made it it became my first "He knows you're alone".  It got sold to MGM and after that my career began.   I was introduced to many important people in Hollywood and they wanted me to continue making films like that.  

    2 - Which experience in your life dedicated to art that you will never forget?

    A.M.: I recall when I was going to the cinema first time with my uncle and see the King and I.  I was amazed to see people on the screen larger than life moving through different sets and hearing the music all helped to create an illusion and I never forgot.  I wanted to do the same thing tell stories to people through pictures.  That began my career milking super eight film with my friends.

    3 - Which work of your career do you consider the best?

    A.M.: I have been blessed to be able to make a many films of a different nature drama, horror,  action, suspense, Comedy and even spiritual ones.   But to me the most was shot in Eastern Europe, London and New York and it's called The Ring starring Nastassja Kinski. It was an epic about World War II and a family fleeing Germany prior to the fall of Berlin. It was a four hour miniseries and I enjoyed my experience making that film. I like to become involved with the writer in conceptualizing visualizing and planning  the production.

    I believe when the writer and the director have a close collaboration all the unanswered questions become answered. I like that process very much.

    4 - I love "Cameron's Closet" . It was one of the best horror movies of 80's in my opinion. There's something to tell me about prodution and behind the scenes?

    A.M.: Cameron's Closet came to me buy one of the investors in a Nightmare on Elm Street.
    I worked on the script with Gary Brandner who wrote the novel.  He was wonderful to work with and very open to my suggestions which departed from his novel.   I wanted the demon to be a product of Cameron's mind and ultimately one that he conjures up.  I felt this way we could take more cinematic liberties and the depiction of the creature and what was actually happening in Cameron's mind.  The producers were very accommodating and indulged me at the last moment when I wanted to have Cameron slowly drawn up out of his bed to a ceiling fan. In order to do this the set designer had to build Cameron's entire room inside a revolving drum. All of the furniture had to be tied down and as the camera rotated with the drum it gave the impression that Cameron was being pulled up the wall.  It was a very difficult shot to get but the end results looks great!  
    Another seen involved Cameron's mother's new boyfriend being propelled out of my window and smashing down onto his beloved car.  This sequence was done in a series of shots and using a very well-known stunt coordinator Spiro Rosatos, He was propelled out of the window on a harness and swung down inches above the car.  Then the real actor was dropped onto the roof of the car but only from inches above it.   

    I had an idea for the police Lieutenant who was killed in the closet that when he was discovered by his friend he would look up at him and smile with a grotesque death mask. Carlo  Rambaldi who designed the creature effects in the film made a rubber mask of the actors face and controlled with wires to create the grotesque smile so that it stretched larger and larger.
    Finding the actor to play Cameron was also an interesting task as we had to find a little boy who could be vulnerable and at the same time have the strength to destroy the demon that he created. 
    Scott Curtis was chosen and  although he didn't have much experience he did show all the necessary emotions I needed from him. And on that basis he was cast over other actors who had more experience
    Making the Cameron's Closet was a lot of fun for me as I got to experiment visually and try new ideas in the narrative.  I still get letters from people who say that that was one of their favorite films growing up.  I'm happy to hear that .

    5 - There's a list of films of your life?

    A.M.: I can never really answered a question about my 10 favorite movies because I love so many. The films that I love touch me in different ways whether I am emotionally moved, terrified or amused by the situation I find that they have something to offer. So when asked to create a list  there are too many that I like .... it could never be 10.

    6 -  Do you have projects to come?

    A.M.: In 2017 I hope to produce and direct a series that I have been working on. I have also developed a Harfam I'd like to make about two brothers on the killing spree.
    I have been offered other projects and I'm in discussion with the producer to shoot a film in Italy.  Let's see how much it really comes true. Fingers crossed here!

    7 - If you could give us a life lesson dedicated to the movies, what would it be?

    A.M.: I feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to do what I love the most. To visually create and tell stories. It's the first thing a. filmmaker should know.  How to be a visual story teller, not how to make great shots because great shots do not make a great movie. Story comes first!
    Taking a good story and making a great movie should be the goal of any filmmaker!
    There's a correction:  I have also developed a horror film about two brothers on a killing spree.   (Not Harfam)
    M.V.: Thank you 


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